Tell me which one you like!
#1. This original is actually a composite. There is a "Do Not Enter", "One Way" sign post where the man is standing.
#2. This is art done in a painting style using Topaz Impressions 2
#3. I also made a sketch-like art work in Topaz Impressions 2, and combined them in Adobe Photoshop.
#4. This is done with a Photoshop Action by Uniquum on Graphic River. I didn't like how it turned the face red.
#5. This is an intermediate step. I combined this "sketch" with #2 above and some color layers to produce the images below.
#6. I tried to emulate a bit of the Photoshop action above (image #4), but more subtly.
#7. Here I softened or erased the lines on the last image, and brought out the background a bit more.

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