This is the first in a series of images as I was working on a logo concept for a local Christian band. The band is made up of some of my friends, and I did this to present to them and to practice my skills.
Above: A more dimensional version of  the first image.
Below: I wanted to try something that was less "America" and more "Christian". The first two used the same font as above, but I decided a more casual font might be appropriate for their Contemporary Christian band.
Here I changed the background, then tried a series of different background colors to see what it might look like on different color shirts.
I ended up (on my wife's suggestion), going back to red and blue colors. The second picture in this series, just changes the red stroke size on the blue letters slightly. In the upper image, the blue and red stroke sizes are the same, but the red looks larger, so I reduced it. Last, I wanted to show what this concept might look like on a white tee.

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