"Final Image" as of posting date. I am actually considering finding an urban scene with people moving around to put this in the background.
Original Praying Hands image from Oral Roberts University. Thanks to kariatx on Morguefile.com for providing this image.
Hands cut out in Adobe Photoshop and turned. I knew that Topaz Impressions 2 has a really cool setting for turning it into an urban scene. It turns it to black and white in the process. At first I tried a png file with no background, but Topaz then made the background black--not what I was looking for.
Next I tried adding the color in ahead of time. That didn't really work either.
Eventually, I put the image into Adobe Illustrator, traced it with the 16 color setting, and output it with the white background intact. 
This is Topaz Impressions 2's rendering from the image above. Next to Photoshop.
In Adobe Photoshop I selected just the background. Then I added the brick color in a new layer. I added some monochromatic noise, pixelated it, and blurred it, setting the layer to linear burn so the bricks would come through. I added a photo filter to the hands to restore the brown coloring.
I added this title originally to use on cards for encouraging people. The lettering is actually white with the linear burn layer setting.
The final lettering was done on the original white brick from the image above, then cut and pasted carefully to match the brick lines (don't look too closely). I moved it around from this image to get the final image above.

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