You can see the finished project here.
This is the original Home page. The website had been put together a number of years ago when someone told Steve he needed a website. My goal was to update it to something more professional, elegant and functional.
The original Services page.
The original About Us page.
The client didn't like the idea of people having to jump from page to page to see what he could do, so we decided to make a one-page site, with persistent navigation at the top.
We originally planned to use drop down boxes in this section to further explain each item, but the client decided he didn't want that.
I took the photographs of the signs in this section and at the top of the page, and also the picture of his Northumberland, PA office below. The signs had to be edited to remove the scratches. I extracted the filigree from the first sign, which I then used to separate the sections of the website.
I added hours and contact information, and embedded Google maps. I had to teach Google where his Northumberland office was. They had it about a half mile away.
These are the images for the phone version of the site. I created the icons in Adobe Illustrator specifically for this project.
You can see the finished project here.

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