Spring Bird with Vintage Texture Effect
I saw an image I liked on Pixabay, and wanted to do something with it. This is the image I came up with. It is for sale on my Society6 store (society6.com/barrywills).  See the process below.
This is the original image from Pixabay. Very nice, but not what I was after. Thanks to Jill111 at Pixabay.com for the image.
After adjusting the colors a bit in Lightroom, I enlarged it and somewhat simplified it by tracing it in Illustrator.
I gave it a paint effect in Topaz Impressions 2.
Since I was not satisfied with the first "painting", I tried to put it back in Topaz Impressions 2, but I liked this less, so I went back to the first version.
I tried adding a border...didn't work.
In the process of trying to mute the flowers and emphasize the bird, I added some texture layers and played with the layer blending modes as well as erasing parts of layers until I got this final result.
I decided to add some words for a different version. These verses from the Bible in the Song of Solomon seemed appropriate.

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