These are backgrounds I created over 10+ years. I think you'll find some better than others, as I improved at the craft along the way. I only took a few of the photographs myself. The rest were from sites offering public domain photographs or Creative Commons or other public use licenses for their images. The purpose in each one was to convey an idea. That required differing degrees of complexity, depending on the idea itself. I hope you enjoy them.
There are plug-ins that do reflections like this, but they wouldn't have worked for this, since the base of the wine glass wouldn't really reflect. Another thing to note was that the original wine glass was on a white background, and so needed to be carefully edited.
Video Background
The two images below were made to work together, fading from one to the other and back as a video background. 
See the evolution of the concept. One could fade into the other for impact.

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