Antique Map of York County, Maine with Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse
The final image. Scroll down to see how it was made. 
I took this original image on a visit to the Nubble Light on Father's Day in 2017. The seagulls were floating on the wind back and forth from the island over to the shore.
The image resized and painting effect applied in Topaz Impressions 2. Seagulls were painted separately, and pasted over the originals. This image is offered for sale on my Society6 store:
I wanted to make something unique of the image and came up with the concept of combining it with an old fashioned, historical document. I came up with this historical map from the Library of Congress collection. It was apparently printed on multiple pages in a book. The red ovals indicate the parts where I had to remove the space and align the map, making liberal use of Adobe Photoshop's Perspective Warp tool to align the parts.
The assembled map. It would take some more adjustment and warping as the Nubble Light image was added. I played with the Layer Effects, settling on layering the map over the image and adding the Color Burn effect. I had to erase some of the map to bring out some of the lighthouse image. I copied the lighthouse keepers building and pasted it on top. 

I then selected the Nubble Light image with a feathered oval and deleted the periphery, squaring the sides to match and changing the border to white.
I decided I needed a little something more, so I found this seagull on one of the other images from that day. I loaded it into Topaz Impressions 2 for the paint effect. It was added to the top of the map.
This is the finished image and is for sale on both my Society6 store: and my Website:

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